PUSH is a creative studio that works with some of the world’s most iconic brands and media platforms - from Red Bull and Beats by Dre to NOWNESS and 88Rising - to create videos and branded content with a focus on street and youth culture. After having launched the company’s first office in Shanghai in 2014, PUSH has since expanded its footprint in Asia-Pacific, opening offices in both Tokyo and Sydney in 2020, with both growing rapidly despite the challenges of launching amidst a global pandemic. Now, to mark this significant moment in PUSH’s evolution as a studio, they have partnered with London-based creative Rachel Bungey and Untold Studios, who have reimagined the PUSH identity and brought it to life with a brand-new visual language.
It was great to work with PUSH on this project because they embody such a unique proposition as a company, but also because their creative output was already so strong, visually. My approach was to create a visual language that would act as a foundation to elevate the imagery, rather than distract
from it. The creative direction is inspired by the art of filmmaking and nods to ’push stops’ on cameras, while the details are contemporary, bold, and speak to PUSH’s youth and street-focused approach.
Lead Design : Rachel Bungey
Creative Project Manager : Sarah Tucker
Produced by : Untold Studios
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