1. 3D Design
2. Virtual Space
3. Exhibition Design
Creative Direction and design: Rachel Bungey Creative Coding: www.codercat.tk

Another Space Virtual Gallery

Shape and form mould our human experience. Galleries are designed to allow us the space to form a relationship with the art within. Spaces affect how we think and feel. The gallery is an open space that allows us to explore different ways of thinking. What happens when we lose this space.

The idea for this exhibition came after being locked down for close to a year, first in Tokyo then in London, I was missing another space to go to. So I decided to make my own virtual reality gallery and created an open call with the title ‘Another Space’. Artists from all over the world submitted work and the exhibition highlights 43 of them. I hope you can enjoy it in a moment of relaxation - use the arrow keys and mouse to navigate the space - or if you have a VR headset try it out.